Wessex Diagnostic provide a range of tailored medical ultrasound consultancy services, including:

Incorporated in 2003 to recognise the need for hands-on practical ultrasound training

Our services have grown to fully support professionals within the sector. Our dedicated team of medical physicists, technologists and sonographers have extensive ultrasound experience, attracting training delegates from across the world.

Reorganisation of companies

Following a review of the services provided by Wessex Scientific and associated company Wessex Diagnostic there has been a reorganisation of the companies’ functions. The provision of the range of medical ultrasound consultancy services, including organising training courses, ultrasound equipment quality assurance testing, event management and vascular diagnostic services, previously provided by Wessex Scientific, will continue as before, but will be transferred to Wessex Diagnostic. In future Wessex Scientific will concentrate on technical and scientific developments.

For further information on our services please contact us we’d really like to hear from you.