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About Us

Wessex Diagnostic was first founded in the 1980s as Wessex Scientific, through a growing passion for medical ultrasound and physics.  Our first training courses and conferences were developed to provide a solid ultrasound training platform for medical specialists embracing the new technology. The education focus was practical, guided ‘hands-on’ workshops to consolidate learning from the technical lectures and this is a theme that is key to our courses today. As time progressed, diagnostic and quality assurance testing increased as did corporate event management which  now form a key part of our services.

For us, the training aims to provide a sound understanding of the principles and practice of ultrasound to be used successfully in clinical environments – and as a family-run organisation, we aim to build the sector and education, with any profit used to support the training course programme.

Our dedicated team of consultants, medical physicists, technologists and sonographers have extensive ultrasound experience, attracting training delegates from across the world.  On average, one third attend from the EU and the rest of the world – 2018 including delegates from Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Iraq, UAE, Bermuda and the US.

Today we have a small dedicated team and a faculty of leading ultrasound specialists whose focus is accessible education – please see click below for more information.

Our core training values are:

  1.   Education – provision of high quality courses led by a leading UK faculty
  2.   Integrity – committed to sound ultrasound theory and practice
  3.   Respect – providing a respectful learning experience
  4.   Diversity – ensuring a safe and inclusive learning environment
  5.   Innovation – showcasing new technical developments in ultrasound
  6.   Self Improvement – regular monitoring and feedback to provide the optimum programme for delegates