About Us

Delegates at the Guinness Factory in Dublin for 2,3 and 4D Obstetrics and Gynaecology ultrasound imaging course 2005


Wessex Diagnostic as a concept was founded by Keith Humphries in the 1980s, through his passion for ultrasound and physics.  The education focus was practical, guided ‘hands-on’ workshops to consolidate learning from the technical lectures and this is a theme that is key to our courses today.

First Incorporated as Wessex Scientific, we are a family run business. As time progressed, the services increased to conference management, diagnostic services and ultrasound system quality assurance.  The name changed officially to Wessex Diagnostic to recognise the rise in the diagnostic services provided.

Today we have a small dedicated team and a faculty of 15 leading ultrasound specialists whose focus is accessible education – please see click below for more information.

Our core values are:

  1.   Education
  2.   Integrity
  3.   Respect
  4.   Diversity
  5.   Innovation
  6.   Self Improvement

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Coming soon!