Ultrasound quality assurance testing

Wessex Diagnostic provides an independent and objective assessment of ultrasound equipment performance with a full Quality Assurance programme.  The tests include:

  1. Measurements on the B-scan image
  2. Doppler ultrasound facilities
  3. Standard electrical safety procedures (eg: leakage currents and transducer electrical insulation)

The quality assurance tests are carried out by experienced medical physicists in compliance with the following reports:

  • IPEM* Report 70 Testing Doppler Equipment
  • IPEM* Report 71 Routine QA of ultrasound Imaging Systems
  • Guidance notes for Ultrasound Scanners used in the Examination of the Breast (MDA/98/52)

* Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine

The QA charges are based on a fee per transducer and a fixed price per system for the electrical safety test.   If you require further information or a quotation for this service, please contact our Technical team