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Vascular ultrasound diagnostic services

Wessex Diagnostic offers a well respected and trusted vascular ultrasound diagnostic service tailored to specific requirements for both NHS and independent clinics.  These include:

      •     Sessional bookings
      •     On-call services
      •    Short-term contracts to cover reduced staffing levels or to reduce waiting lists
      •    A range of portable services to suit local circumstances.

For further information on these services please contact us

Wessex Diagnostic Vascular Ultrasound investigations include:
      •    Extracranial arteries
      •    Post carotid endarterectomy monitoring
      •    Intracranial arteries
      •    Upper limb arteries and veins
      •    Abdominal aortic aneurysm surveillance
      •    Graft and EVAR postoperative monitoring
      •    Lower limb arteries
      •    Lower limb deep veins – DVT detection
      •    Lower limb superficial vein assessment
      •     Vein mapping

For a full listing of investigations available please download :

Vascular Ultrasound Diagnostic Service