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ULTRAssurance for a new era

ULTRAssurance: New branding for our Ultrasound Quality assurance scheme

Wessex Diagnostic is pleased to announce the launch of the new ULTRAssurance quality assurance (QA) scheme, providing Independent and Objective ultrasound system QA testing for hospitals, clinics and private practices.

Over 9 million ultrasound scans were undertaken by the NHS between June 2020 – June 20211 – only 1 million less than the previous year despite the pandemic. As this number increases each year and across multiple specialities, so does the need to ensure both high quality training and subsequent diagnosis.

Regular testing of equipment is essential and also a legal requirement under the Health & Social Care Act (2008/2014) and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment. Sector standards recommend weekly, monthly and annual checks and it is the in-depth annual checks that are often missed from the schedule.

Matt Bartlett, an ULTRAssurance consultant, commented ‘All us transducers deteriorate over time and even experienced operators do not notice the degradation in their image quality. Choosing ULTRAssurance ensures you can be confident in your equipment to provide the best service to patients whilst meeting governance standards’.

With over 35 years’ experience of providing comprehensive ultrasound B-scan, doppler and electrical safety QA tests, the ULTRAssurance consultants conduct rigorous testing to ensure equipment performance meets legal requirements. Additional products include QA training and a consultancy service helping hospitals and clinics setting up their own QA service.

ULTRAssurance provides a trusted mark of recognition for hospitals and clinics to help demonstrate the quality of your ultrasound service. For more information, please see www.ultrassurance.co.uk


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