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The UK Ultrasound Quality Assurance scheme, ULTRAssurance provides on-site INDEPENDENT and OBJECTIVE quality assurance testing and evaluation of your ultrasound system fleet. Our team have been providing comprehensive QA testing of B-scan image, Doppler ultrasound facilities and the standard Electrical Safety tests for over 30 years.

ULTRAssurance provides expert reporting and recommendations to ensure an optimum ultrasound diagnostic service and meet all UK QA and governance requirements.

Ultrasound Quality Assurance testing is legally required if you are scanning patients – all providers have a legal duty of care to ensure all ultrasound equipment is fit for purpose. Please see full details below in UK QA requirements*.

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The ULTRAssurance scheme provides:


  1.     Trusted, independent and objective annual ultrasound quality assurance testing
  2.     A rigorous testing programme to ensure your fleet meets legal and sector quality assurance requirements*
  3.     Important accuracy measurements, for example, ultrasound beam slice thickness and spectral doppler measurements, which are generally not included in equipment literature
  4.     A mark of trust for your patients: Optimal performance = more accurate diagnosis
  5.     Competitive pricing structure with reductions for additional systems and regional/ national agreements
  6.    Comprehensive reports for each ultrasound system with clear actions and recommendations
  7.     An experienced QA team with over 30 years experience

The three standard Quality assurance tests are:

  1.    B-scan image
  2.    Doppler ultrasound  and
  3.    Electrical safety testing

The measurement and evaluation of these elements of your ultrasound systems allow a comprehensive assessment and supports recommendations on any repairs or replacements that are needed. A two-stage B-scan test is undertaken for each transducer and a specifically designed Doppler string phantom is used to assess the errors in Doppler measurements not seen in standard figures. The electrical safety tests assess electrical faults and leakage currents due to poor insulation of the transducer which can have significant medical and legal implications. A full breakdown of all the figures is provided with each report.

Ultrasound Quality Assurance testing is legally required if you are scanning patients as you have a duty of care to ensure your ultrasound equipment is fit for purpose.

ULTRAssurance provides the comprehensive QA service required including all the documented evidence that you are meeting these legal requirements and essential sector standards:


    1. The Health & Social Care Act (2008/2014) and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment requires all equipment is suitable for purpose, regularly inspected, properly maintained and any risks are assessed and mitigated. If there is no procedure in place then these important regulations are not being met.
    2. IQIPS (Improving Quality in Physiological Science) standards state that the service implements and monitors systems to procure and manage equipment to deliver the service, with specific reference to quality assurance, monitoring faults and subsequent repairing/replacing of equipment as required.
    3. IPEM, the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine standards for Quality Assurance in Ultrasound Imaging Systems and their Guidelines for the Testing and Calibration of Physiotherapy Ultrasound Machines
    4.  BMUS (British Medical Ultrasound Society) Guidelines for regular testing of ultrasound scanners.

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